RL-209-LS Certified Human Physiology

 This course requires an enrolment key

This human physiology comprehensive series offers in-depth coverage on human physiology at both the cellular level and human organ level. Special emphasis is placed upon the study of homeostasis, integration and control of the human body, with inclusion of exercise physiology and medical physiology.  You'll learn:

  1. Basic Cellular Physiology
  2. Body Control Mechanisms
  3. Integration of Body Systems: Movement and Maintenance
  4. Integration of Body Systems: Metabolism
  5. Integration of Body Systems: Protection and Perpetuation
  6. Applications

For Whom: This rapid learning course is for those who are currently taking the human physiology class or in need of visual in-depth review of such a subject via rich-media learning. It is designed for students entering or currently enrolled in the nursing, biology, allied health professions, and medical school.

Pre-requisite: Students should have a good knowledge of the anatomical aspect of the human body by completing either the "Human Anatomy" or "Anatomy and Physiology" course, prior to taking the "Human Physiology" course as such. Rapid Learning's A&P course (RL204) offers this pre-requisite requirement of human anatomy and basic physiology.

This course requires an enrolment key