RL-214-LS Certified Human Anatomy

 This course requires an enrolment key

This human anatomy rich-media course offers a comprehensive study on the principles of human anatomy at cellular, tissue and human organ levels. It is highly organized and in-depth to mirror the system-based mainstream curricula. Animated with visual medical illustrations and dynamic textual elements, each organ system is introduced with enhanced graphics and expert narration, started from a graphical concept map, pictorial explanation step-by-step and summed it up with a key review. Basic physiology and clinical anatomy are also integrated into each chapter, along with diseases and aging of each system. You'll learn the following core units:

  1. The Anatomical Foundation and Human Body Organization
  2. The Support Systems
  3. The Coordination and Integration Systems
  4. The Homeostatic Systems

For Whom: This rapid learning course is for those who are currently taking the human anatomy class or in need of visual in-depth learning via rich-media. It is designed for students entering or currently enrolled in the nursing, biology, pre-med, allied health professions, and board review. It can also be used for any professionals required in-depth anatomy knowledge.

Pre-requisite: Although it is optional, students should have taken one or two semesters of introductory or general biology at the college level to build the foundation of biological science to maximize the learning.

This course requires an enrolment key