RL-416-LS Certified Calculus III

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Calculus III Rapid Learning Series is the 3rd of the three-course calculus sequence (I, II & III), designed typically for math, science and engineering majors or anyone who is required to take three semesters of calculus courses in college. This sequence of three courses cover the single variable and multivariable calculus. If you are required to take only one semester of calculus course, go for our College Calculus - RL411. If you are required to take three semesters of calculus courses, you should take our Calculus I, Calculus II and Calculus III, each represents one-semester of contents sequentially.

Calculus is the study of how things change. In a first Calculus course, you learn topics such as Limits, Differentiation, and Integration. In Calculus II, you extend your knowledge of Calculus to other types of functions and will learn additional integration and differentiation techniques. In this Calculus III, you will generalize previous techniques to vectors and functions with multiple variables. This means that you are often dealing with higher dimensional objects than before. You'll learn the following main topics:

  1. The Foundation
  2. Vectors, Curves and Surfaces in Space
  3. Vector-Valued Functions
  4. Partial Derivatives
  5. Multiple Integrals
  6. Vector Calculus

Pre-requisites: (1) Elementary Algebra - RL409 (2) Intermediate Algebra - RL407 (3) Pre-Calculus - RL403. (4) Calculus I - RL414 (5) Calculus II - RL415

This course requires an enrolment key